Newsletter November 2020

Newsletter November 2020

Newsletter Issue December 2020 Fraser People

2020 is almost over!!

It’s the first of December and the end of a very long year for us all is in sight!  Summer officially starts today. Here’s to the warmer weather and getting out to enjoy the beach in our (almost) Covid free Aotearoa.

The Job Market

The job market has been steadily picking up and we are engaging in conversations with clients to plan new roles to market this month and into the new year.  Statistics highlighted in JobAdder’s 2020 Recruitment industry report support this increase in activity as the NZ job market begins to focus on recovery.  As we return to pre-pandemic levels, employee engagement should be a key focus to retain top talent.

A month of Anniversaries

October was a month of anniversaries for me. A month when I’ve experienced many of the best and the worst times of my life.  I wrote this blog one year into my business journey and two years after losing the love of my life.

I heard a saying somewhere that “out of our pain we find our power.” It’s certainly what has driven me, and I’ll always be grateful for the support I have received.

When big stuff happens in life that is out of our control, it can create a shift in mindset or drive the need for change.

With the year we have all had – Option A is no longer available for many of us. So here’s to you all kicking the sh*t out of your option B, C, or D!


Carol Fraser

Fraser People Cupcakes
It was great getting out to visit with cupcakes again in level 1, as well as the gift of giving from The Good Registry.
We wanted to congratulate Lexi in her first week as Marketing Content & Communications Executive at The Produce Company.  We love a visit that includes hi-vis.

Pictured Left to Right Leila McIntyre, Tina Klay (Marketing Manager) Lexi Lee with Carol Fraser

Why do we Procrastinate?

Fraser People why do we procrastinate?
 With the end of a very long year almost in sight – are you struggling to be as productive as you would like to be? We all struggle with delaying or putting things off at some point. This image created by @lizandmollie on Instagram is thought-provoking, beating procrastination starts with practising self-compassion. 🤗 Research has found that self-forgiveness is one of the best cures for procrastination. Sound simple?

Click here for some great tips on how to overcome procrastination.

4 Steps to finding your Career Passion

Fraser People Career Passion

“After a year like no other, I’ve had many conversations with people lately who have been reflecting on their career paths.  The world has changed and Covid has seen to that!  Some have experienced a change that was out of their control, others are feeling stuck and want a career change. They want to find their passion but have no idea how to go about it.” 

Check out the blog

A Special Mentor Moment

Carol Fraser Mentor Moment
It was a very special mentor moment at Maria’s 21st.  There’s so much to celebrate. She has just completed the final year of her degree and is now in Wellington in her paid internship with MBIE – after being accepted into the Tupu Tai Pasifika Public Sector internship programme. So great!
Our Journey

I’ve shared some of our mentor/mentee journey before which started back when Maria was 14 and we were matched through the YWCA Future Leaders programme. When she was awarded a scholarship to Uni through First Foundation, I was humbled when she asked me to continue as her mentor through their programme and we navigated through her university life together.

Watching this dynamic young woman grow in confidence and self–belief has been an absolute privilege, and I have loved every minute.

After almost 7 years together there is much to be proud of, however, the most rewarding thing for me is we are now family. If you are considering volunteering in some way – get involved! I’ve certainly got so much from it.

It's Time to Celebrate
Fraser People turns 3

Fraser People is 3 years old!  Taking a moment to acknowledge and celebrate this anniversary has been much needed after a year like no other! Each year in business has taught me something – there have been many lessons this year and the uncertainty of what was ahead has been overwhelming at times.

After the roller coaster of 2020, we choose today to celebrate the highlights and the amazing people we get to work with. To all my clients and the great people, we have met along the way thank you. I appreciate your support and wouldn’t be here without you – you all rock! 🤗 👏👏

Highlights have included:

💥 My Sister Leila coming to work with me ( starting 2 weeks before the first lockdown – who knew!!) It’s awesome having her to share this journey, and have some fun with too!
💥 Being a finalist again this year in the RCSA Industry awards. I love what I do and am humbled by this acknowledgment.
💥 Having a broader offering allowed us to also focus on career coaching and career transition work to support people through this year.
💥 Being able to give back where we could – so many great conversations!

No photo would be complete without Izzy the Office Dog – she is the best! 🐾
Fraser People was my big “aha” moment in life after loss, it’s been my anchor and I’m so damned proud of it now having a life of its own.

Fraser People Joke
Newsletter October 2020

Newsletter October 2020

Fraser People Banner

Life’s Short so Surround yourself with the Right People

Welcome to our October 2020 edition!  It’s great to finally be back in Level 1 here in Auckland to join the rest of NZ.  Getting out to enjoy daylight savings and with summer just around the corner, we are feeling hopeful as we head towards the end of what has been an eventful year for us all!

Hasn’t it been an adjustment through the levels?!  Flexibility is the key word for 2020.

We’ve been working with some career coaching clients lately whose roles were disestablished due to Covid. While it’s been a difficult time for those involved, the businesses they worked for have without hesitation, courageously supported their people by investing in outplacement support.

That’s where Fraser People stepped in to offer career coaching to assist them as they transition back into the job market. Providing encouragement and the tools to put their best selves forward for a new role, we have been thrilled to see them being offered great new roles.

In our last Newsletter issue, we offered free CV reviews – and you responded!  We really enjoyed being able to give back in some way. With a crowded job market  it’s key to have a CV that stands out!

Is the job market on the mend?  We are seeing encouraging signs nationally, and heartened by discussing new roles with our clients.   Watch this space.

Have a great weekend and go the All Blacks!

Carol Fraser

We were so looking forward to an evening of wine tasting hosted by Sir John Kirwan (JK).  It was our first big outing post the first lockdown and what an uplifting evening it was (and not because of the food & wine which was great!) His generosity and warmth captured our hearts.

His stories were so inspiring, he really made a genuine connection with us al!  Check out our smiles, don’t we look happy with ourselves!

Fraser People with Sir John Kirwin

7 Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

Every year in Aotearoa, we focus on Mental Health Awareness . There is no escaping that 2020 has created some huge challenges for us all, right across our daily lives.

This year’s theme, “Reimagine Wellbeing Together” – He Tirohanga Anamata, encourages us to reflect on the big and small actions we’ve taken to take care of each other this year.

Sometimes it’s hard to reimagine what wellbeing looks like.  We all have mental wellbeing and it can mean different things for us all. It’s a timely reminder to embrace the simple things we can do each day to really help strengthen our wellbeing, that can help us through the tough times.

There was a new theme each day – beginning with “Recharge with others” – Whiria te muka tangata.

Check out the Mentemia website where they have lots of daily activities, talks and tips for the week of Mental Health Awareness.  Tiny yet thoughtful gestures that make the world a better place.


7 Ways to brighten someone's day

A positive, ethical work culture where we can thrive is what we all want – right? How do we assess this when interviewing for a role?  Read the article here


6 Signs of a Positive Company Culture

Here’s a throwback to a time before lockdowns, bubbles and hand sanitiser, and it was only February this year! We were proud to support C U Later Yachting in their epic adventure in the 2020 Round North Island yacht race. 

The Boys sent us some drone footage taken approximately 100 nautical miles off the West Coast of Aotearoa, the calm before the storm during leg 2 to Wellington.

It looks so tranquil, but it’s such an isolated location for one of the smallest and more extreme boats in the fleet. Inspiring stuff indeed. 

Check it out if you want a little mindfulness break today.

Fraser People Blog

This was our first opportunity to escape Auckland after both lockdowns.  A much needed break to reflect, reconnect, relax and plan together. It certainly left us feeling re-energised and refocused for the rest of the year.

Fraser People Funny
Newsletter June 2020

Newsletter June 2020

Newsletter June 2020

Life’s Short so Surround Yourself with the right People

We hope you are doing well as life starts to gets back to some sort of “normality” after lockdown.  We are back together! It’s so great to have my sister’s smiling face back in the office – Izzy thinks so too!

After seven weeks apart it’s great to be back on track. We nailed the remote working challenge and going forward will continue to include this flexibility. The catch phrase “I think you are on mute” and “can you see my screen” will continue!  More importantly, the physical connection is so good for our mental health, especially when we all need motivation and support in these uncertain times.

We are relieved to have some of our roles back on and being able to offer something positive to discuss with our candidates, many who lost their jobs since NZ went into lockdown. Something that has resonated with me from these conversations is the amazing outlook people have – many have said it helps that they don’t feel alone in this. Inspiring stuff indeed! 

If you or someone you know is currently looking for work, as a show of support we would like to pay it forward and offer a CV review to assist you in your search.

Have a great weekend and enjoy all the sport on offer!

Carol Fraser | Fraser People Newsletter June 2020

Fraser People Carol and Leila back together in office
2020 Finalist RCSA Industry Awards

What a huge day for Fraser People. Absolutely delighted, proud and humbled to share we are a finalist in the RCSA Australia and New Zealand Industry awards for 2020 – for “Excellence in Candidate Care.”  To be acknowledged again this year as a small business is still sinking in and a real boost in these times. Candidate care is a topic very close to our hearts and something we are passionate about – it is very special to be acknowledged in this category.

To all our amazing candidates, clients and partners we get to work with – you inspire us – it’s all about you after all!  Congratulations to all the finalists, it’s a little different this year with virtual awards – look forward to celebrating on the 26th June.

Fraser People cupcake
Carol, Russell and Leila

Cupcakes are also back in level 1! 🧁 So great being able to get out to see the team at NZ Rockshop and celebrate Russell’s first week as Financial Controller.
A recruitment process we started as we went into lock down, all of us adapting as we moved through the levels to get this great result.  Congratulations Russell Wakeling– great working with you – exciting times ahead.

It’s been a challenging time for us all. We are excited to get out to see all you good people doing good things – not to mention that much needed social interaction. Let’s get out there and support all our amazing local businesses.

Work from Home scrabble board

Once we got to level 2 the inevitable conversations started happening for many about transitioning back to the office. Working remotely or flexibly has been a hot topic for some time – from our experience it is one that is raised more often than not during the recruitment process.

Will the results of this enforced WFH change the way we work in future? Many organisations were already embracing flexibility – how can the positive elements change the conversation for the others?

There were some surprising and positive benefits reported when AskYourTeam surveyed 20,000 New Zealanders working from home during lockdown. They included:

  • Better communication from management and teammates despite working remotely
  • Feeling more trusted to work at home and get on with it
  • Managers recognising everyone’s personal situation is different and being flexible in how they manage their work and family commitments

How is your business approaching a return to the office? Many clients I’ve spoken to are continuing to #WFH where they can for now, others have a staggered approach. Are you straight back into the office – will you continue to work remotely at all – what is your preference?

Have you got some work from home team mates of the four legged variety? Mine seem to have great timing and feature regularly in my video calls.  We caught them today trying to sneak off early ……

Water dropping into puddle

You are holding a cup of coffee when someone comes along and bumps into you or shakes your arm, making you spill your coffee everywhere.  Why did you spill the coffee?

“Because someone bumped into me!!” Wrong answer. You spilled the coffee because there was coffee in your cup.
Had there been tea in the cup, you would have spilled tea. Whatever is inside the cup is what will spill out.
Therefore, when life comes along and shakes you (which WILL happen), whatever is inside you will come out. It’s easy to fake it, until you get rattled.   So we have to ask ourselves… “what’s in my cup?”
When life gets tough, what spills over? Joy, gratefulness, peace and humility?
Anger, bitterness, harsh words and reactions? Life provides the cup, YOU choose how to fill it.
Today let’s work towards filling our cups with gratitude, joy, kindness and love for others.

Joke re office